What does human security mean to you?

GPPAC is a network of civil society organisations working for sustainable peace all over the world. As part of GPPAC's Human Security First campaign in 2013, our network's members and partners from all over the world recorded their thoughts on what the idea of human security means to them and their local realities. The videos, photos and testimonials collected during this campaign fed into GPPAC's advocacy efforts for a human security approach to the post-2015 development agenda. They also serve as an important reminder of the universality of the concept as well as demonstrating the diverse ways in which people relate to it.   

Jargal Tsolmon

Jargal Tsolmon from Mongolia talks about the importance of freedom of speech and freedom of choice to be able to feel #humansecurity

Sun Liping

Sun Liping talks about problems with pollution - like clean air, safe food, safe water - in China for people's #humansecurity

Anastasia Barannikova

Anastasia Barannikova speaks about non-interference, absence of pressure and freedoms as part of #humansecurity

Lee Mihyeon

Lee Mihyeon talks about the importance of Government transparency and information for people to feel safe after the Sewol Ferry Disaster in South Korea

Anton Kostyuk

Anton Kostyuk, from Maritime State University in Vladivostok, talks about importance of feeling safe for himself, his family and friends as the basis for human security

Au Pak Kuen

Mr. Au Pak Kuen is a teacher, but also the GPPAC Focal Point for Hong Kong. He uses a story of Confucius to explain what #humansecurity means to him

Ambassador Choinkhor Jalbuu

Ambassador Choinkhor Jalbuu from Mongolia talks about a range of issues like nuclear weapons, armed conflict and human trafficking related to human security, but also highlights that by becoming a vegetarian anyone can make a contribution to a better world

Yoshioka Tatsuya

Yoshioka Tatsuya is the co-founder and director of Peace Boat. He talks about how his children motivate him to work for human security

Shaafik Seddiq

Human Security First Online Campaign - Shaafik Seddiq Afghan Justice Organisation (AJO)

Halima Adan

Halima Adan is the project coordinator of Save Somali Women and Children (SSWC), which is the representative of GPPAC in Somalia. For her human security prioritize the protection of human beings

Jenny Aulin

Jenny Aulin worked as Programme Manager Human Security at the GPPAC Global Secretariat in The Hague, the Netherlands

Alex Bogomolov

Alex Bogomolov, of the Association of Middle East Studies, talks about what Human Security means to him

Lucy Nusseibeh

Lucy Nusseibeh talks about what Human Security means to her, and how she sees its relevance to the Palestinian people. Lucy Nusseibeh is founder and director of Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy (MEND)

Peter McOmalla

Peter McOmalla is the Executive Director the Hurepi-Trust and Tanzania National
Co-ordinator for GPPAC. He works to promote human security in East and Central Africa

Lizan Nijkrake

Lizan Nijkrake is currently doing an internship at the Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the United Nations in New York. When reflecting on human security she talks about the feeling of inner-security and of feeling safe and security living without fear

Rena Ramkay

Rena Ramkay is the Secretary of the Board for Peacebuild, a Canadian network of peacebuilders. She is also the Peacebuild representative in the North American regional network of GPPAC, as well as member of the Dialogue and Mediation working group of GPPAC

Justine Ngum
Kwachu Kumche

Justine tells us what Human Security means to her

Ana Bourse

Ana Bourse, of Coordinadora Regional de Investigaciones Económicas y Sociales (CRIES), talks about what Human Security means to her


Zarni, officer in charge of International Relations at the Movement for Democracy Current Forces explains what Human Security means to him. As a former political prisoner who was tortured, justice takes an important place in his idea of Human Security

Jung Gyunglan

Jung Gyunglan talks about #humansecurity for women from both North and South Korea