Empowerment and Protection

This website is dedicated to the GPPAC publication: ‘Empowerment and Protection: Stories of Human Security', which was launched on October 8th at the Dutch Permanent Mission to the UN, co-hosted with the UN Human Security Unit in New York. 
The publication shares and analyses people's sense of threat and safety through the lens of human security. Spanning six regions of the world, it presents the accounts of people living in Afghanistan, the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Mexico, and the Philippines. The chapters are based on interviews with community members, leaders and activists. Their words reveal the potential power of the state as a security provider through the rule of law, but also the ways the state can undermine human security through corruption, abuse of human rights, and failure to provide necessary goods and services. The stories also suggest the potential of civil society organisations to transform the citizen-state relationship and facilitate human security. The citizen-state relationship emerges as a primary tool and indicator of human security, where context-specific protection and empowerment strategies go hand in hand. The perspectives presented in the book demonstrate the power of the human security approach as both an analytical tool and as a method of engagement to promote individual safety and dignity.
On this website, you can explore the content of the book in several ways: you can download to whole pdf from this link or browse it online by clicking on the book cover in the column on the right. You can use the interactive map to explore the countries covered in the book, read or download each individual chapter, and view interviews with some of the authors. This site will also progressively add additional original content which was not included in the final edition of the book. 

The Nexus of Peacebuilding Theory and Practice

On 25 February, GPPAC and the International Institute of Social Studies organised a joint book launch under the theme The Nexus of Peacebuilding Theory and Practice. The event presented three recent publications and led us to explore the nexus between peacebuilding theory and practice towards greater human security. The topics presented ranged from peoples' perspectives on human security in different contexts, to theoretical and methodological approaches, as well as practical tools for conflict assessment and peacebuilding planning.

You can read more about the event in Jenny Aulin's blog

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