Raul Torralba


Raul Torralba is the Knowledge Management and Communications coordinator of Initiatives for International Dialogue, which also serves as the regional secretariat of GPPAC for Southeast Asia. This post deals with information generation, processing and dissemination, as well as coordinating exposures, trainings and internships for our local and foreign partners in Mindanao, Burma, South Thailand, Timor Leste and Aceh.

He has an A.B. Communications degree. He has lived and worked in Mindanao already for many years, beginning with documenting cases of Human Rights violations during the Marcos regime. Following he joined a Catholic social action project, primarily as a researcher and documenter, recording the efforts of the church and rural communities primarily in dealing with socio-economic and political issues of poverty, displacement, development, local governance, rights and empowerment. Since then he has worked with several non-government organizations, as social researcher, project officer, evaluator, trainer and speaker to help develop a sustainable approach to poverty reduction and development among rural communities where the tri-people of Mindanao are found.

Summary of his chapter for the Human Security Publication

"Located in the south of the Philippines, Mindanao has been the site of armed conflict for decades among and between Mindanao's ‘tri-people'; native indigenous peoples (IPs), IPs who were Islamized long ago and are now known as the ‘Moros', and predominantly Christian Filipino settlers from other regions. This chapter presents the reflections of civil society and indigenous leaders on the efforts to bring human security to Mindanao and its diverse peoples."

Quotes from the chapter

  • The core to resolving these conflicts has been the common roots we share.
  • We now see that peace does not come from high above, but from within ourselves.
  • Human security is comprehensive and it is a given right to us as well as an obligation.



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